Introducing Blovedream: Revolutionizing Android Scanner Devices

Businesses require efficient and reliable solutions for data collection and management, and this is where Blovedream, a leading name in the industry, steps in. Blovedream’s Android scanner devices, especially the T80 model, have been making waves for their exceptional performance and adaptability. As a renowned android scanner device supplier, Blovedream offers a range of solutions that cater to diverse industrial needs.

A Glimpse into Blovedream’s Offerings

Blovedream, with its rich experience in the production of industrial-grade PDAs, is a distinguished player in the market. The company’s commitment to providing customers with convenient, reliable, and multi-choice Android scanner devices has earned it a well-deserved reputation. Blovedream stands out with its unique modular design, catering to various application environments and customer demands.

Exploring the T80 Android Scanner Device

Among Blovedream’s impressive portfolio, the T80 Android scanner device is a standout performer. With an 800W rear camera featuring auto-focus, anti-shake, and flash capabilities, this device offers more than your typical scanner. It supports live video recording, ensuring clear and smooth images during data capture.

Powerful Features of the T80

  1. Light and Portable: The T80 boasts an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip and swift one-handed operation. Its compact size makes it a user-friendly choice.
  2. Rich Data Acquisition: The T80 offers a wide range of data collection methods, including one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcode scanning, NFC, GPS, and more.
  3. NFC Sensing Region: The device provides NFC read/write functionality and supports ISO1443A/B and 1693 protocols, allowing card reading at distances of 2 to 5 cm.
  4. Robust Protection: The T80 is built with an IP66 dust-proof and waterproof structure, capable of withstanding a 1.5-meter drop, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments.

Blovedream: Your Android Scanner Device Supplier

When it comes to Android scanner devices, Blovedream stands out as a reliable supplier. They offer OEM and ODM services, ensuring a fast response to meet the unique needs of businesses. Their complete certification, including ISO9001, FCC, CE, and CCC, underlines their commitment to quality and excellence.


In the realm of Android scanner devices, Blovedream takes center stage with its innovative and feature-rich solutions. The T80 Android scanner device, with its advanced capabilities and rugged design, is a testament to Blovedream’s dedication to meeting and exceeding customer requirements. As a leading android scanner device supplier, they continue to shape the future of data collection and management, making businesses more efficient and intelligent. Whether it’s ODM, OEM, or off-the-shelf solutions, Blovedream has your needs covered, ensuring that businesses can thrive in the fast-paced world of technology.


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