Kaida China: Practical Applications in Business

China’s Kaida Food is a leading company in the food industry, specializing in the production of VF potato chips, fruits, and vegetables crisps. With its innovative approach and commitment to quality, Kaida China has made significant contributions to the practical applications of science in business.

Fresh Raw Materials for French Fries

One of Kaida China’s notable achievements is their process for making French fries. Unlike traditional methods that use composite materials, Kaida directly cuts fresh raw materials into strips and slices. This technique allows them to retain the original flavor of the ingredients to the greatest extent possible.

VF Potato Chips with Original Nutrition

Kaida China takes pride in producing VF potato chips using strictly selected healthy and natural raw materials. Through low-temperature vacuum frying technology, they are able to maintain the original nutrition and taste of these chips. This innovation ensures that consumers can enjoy a healthier snack option without compromising on flavor.

The Establishment of Beijing Kaida

In 2000, Beijing Kaida was established as a subsidiary of Kaida Food. Located in Beijing, China, this branch employs approximately 900 individuals and boasts an annual output value of USD 680 million. The key products manufactured by Beijing Kaida include VF potato chips as well as fruits and vegetables crisps.

An Automated Factory with Modern Production Lines

Kaida China operates an automated factory equipped with more than 100 modern production lines. These advanced facilities enable efficient manufacturing processes while maintaining high-quality standards. Additionally, their 100,000-level air purification workshop ensures a clean environment for food production.

Ongoing Innovations at Kaida China

Beyond their impressive achievements mentioned above, Kaida China continues to explore new possibilities in the food industry. Their commitment to research and development allows them to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By combining science with practical applications, Kaida China aims to provide consumers with innovative and nutritious food options.


Kaida China’s dedication to utilizing scientific principles in their business operations has led to remarkable achievements. From preserving the original flavor of ingredients in French fries to producing VF potato chips with retained nutrition, they have successfully applied science for practical purposes. With an automated factory and ongoing innovations, Kaida China remains a leading force in the food industry.


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